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Friday, January 07, 2011

Flu Jab

Small Sprog was due his flu jab. He hates it, hates needles, hates doctors, hates viruses, so he said. 'I'd like to kick them (viruses) in the bollocks!' he muttered as we entered the surgery. I didn't like to remind him that viruses don't have bollocks and I let him get away with the word, as no one heard, and he was under great stress!

His appointment was after school, but with a bottom clenching wait of 40 mins between one and the other. The waiting is worse than the deed itself. Not enough time to do much but certainly too much time to sit and wait. He'd have exploded had I made him do that! However as he came out of school, all sad and dejected, knowing his fate, he asked to go home to use the toilet. I asked him if he could go back into school instead of us driving home, but he shook his head.

On the way home I suddenly realised that the whole thing might be a ruse. He didn't really need the toilet, but was going to lock himself inside it again as he had done before!
'You're not going to lock yourself in the loo again are you?' I asked. He shook his head. At home he made for the downstairs loo. When he came out he announced 'It would have been no good anyway, you can unlock this one from the outside!'

I wonder when that had dawned on him?

We got to the Doctors bang on time but still had to wait. I could tell he was near tears, it was all just too much. He was still muttering to himself when the nurse appeared, all sweetness and light. She proceeded to chat, and time seemed to move very slowly. In the end I just had to say 'I'm really sorry but I think he'd really appreciate getting it over and done with!' He didn't need bedside manner, just 'jab and go'. She looked at him, and remembered the last time, the time when he was nearly sick. He was stabbed almost immediately. There. All over and done with in a second.

As we left the surgery, much brighter than when we had entered, he was still kicking viruses...


Liz Hinds said...

You're right: waiting is the worst bit of so many things. Glad all is well now.

Maggie May said...

The waiting for anything is the worst part.
Glad thats over for another year!
Pat him on the back and say, "Well Done".
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Miss Sadie said...

Has Small Sprog figured out yet that the best way "to kick them (viruses) in the bollocks" is to get a flu jab?

No, I suppose not.

Soon enough, perhaps.

Bear got his flu shot before he started hibernation; that may be why he's doing so well, thus far.

Steve said...

Anticipation of pain if often worse than the pain itself... wish doctors and nurses would wake up to that!

Akelamalu said...

The waiting is so much worse than the deed itself. Glad he's got it over with and I hope he doesn't get the side effects I got.

Valerie said...

Only now do I realise that waiting is the worst thing... nobody told me when I was young.

Furtheron said...

Brave boy.

If when he is older he does figure out a way to completely kick all viruses in the proverbials then he'll be very famous tell him... probably not rich, that'll be some big drug company :-)

(See Fleming as a case study)

Rose said...

Waiting in the doctor's office is definitely the worst part of all. I'm glad it's all over for Small Sprog--now I'd better get with it and get my flu shot, too.

Barbara said...

Waiting is the worse time, glad it is now over, better to have the jab than flu anyday.

Lakeland Jo said...

bless him- what else is there to say.