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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Country Show

I am a complete sucker for farm animals, so at the country show - seeing as I couldn't smuggle any out - I couldn't resist photographing some. Hope you like them?

This sheep below was sporting a cool and trendy fringe.

These two appeared to be friends

Inscrutable sheep with attitude
(look at his eyes?)

Piggies in love

I fell in love with this cute highland calf, she was adorable-they all were..           

Alpacas, always look quite ridiculous!

And this beautiful bunny, what an amazing colour?

All in all, despite the rain, we had a great time.

For more animal pic's go to Tall Girls Blog !


Looking for Blue Sky said...

So cute and lovely :) I used to enjoy country shows when I was growing up in Wales, there's not so much call for them in Dublin :)

nick said...

I like the sheep with the fringe. Looks like a Rastafarian!

Rose said...

They're all so cute. My older daughter tried for years to talk my husband into raising alpacas here. She never succeeded, but we both think they're so adorable.

I was so busy yesterday getting things tidied up and ready for some company this morning that I didn't get back on Blogger as I'd planned to wish you a happy birthday. After reading your last post, I especially hope it was a happy one and that Tall Girl, Small Sprog, and Lovely Man helped you celebrate!

Anonymous said...

I love them all! We have a few Highland Cattle in a farm about 2 miles from us. I worry about them in our heat though. I really like the color differences in them. Some are more red and there is one that is practically a blonde.

Rob-bear said...

Though I grew up in a large city, I was always interested in country things, and used to go to country shows in the city. Great photos.

Also, TG is quite a respectable blogger!

Steve said...

You're a farmer at heart!

BS5 Blogger said...

How about the vintage tractors and the steam engines? X

Tattieweasle said...

I'm a sucker for the farm animals too especially the sheep! My boyssay I'm BORING!

Furtheron said...

I used to love going to ours when the kids were little - all of the above, plus steam engines and big tractors and things for the boys!

However ours just kept going up in price to the point where it was an expensive day out - and then most of the stalls were actually trying to sell you something. After my Mum got ill we never bothered again

Maggie May said...

I love going to see animals like these.... though why anyone should want to eat one, I do not know.
Maggie X

Nuts in May