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Friday, April 15, 2016

All at sea

Small sprog is overly excited about the potential of spending 24 hours on the ferry, he's full of noise and can't keep still in the back of the car. I take a sideways look at Big Al, who is concentrating on the road ahead, and wonder if he is actually clenching his teeth.

An hour later we leave Bilbao on the horizon and meet the Bay of Biscay in a fairly angry mood - it not us!

Small Sprog loved it, he ran up and down the corridor to his room (as did I with him because it was quite fun and you couldn't feel the waves if you ran very fast) but his sister was less than happy. She found solace in a cocktail to no avail and left the restaurant early.

As I am having my first conversation with an English speaking person, that I'm not related to, for nearly 2 weeks, Small Sprog turns up behind me and taps me on the shoulder, "Mother" he's taken to calling me that of late, "Tall Girls being sick"
"I've given her the bin"
"Good thinking"

I leave the table to go and look at her! The general consensus was 'not good' but unfortunately with sea sickness, you just have to endure.

It was a rough night, the (clean) sick bags, conveniently placed by the ferry company at every 100 meters along the corridor, weren't there long. However there were a fair amount of full ones dotted in the 'Ladies' due to no one knowing the correct disposal procedure. I'm still unsure, a week later, what you actually 'do' with a full sick bag on a boat, without littering the sea with it all? And when I say full...

All in all it was a 'Nasty Business' says Big Al; his daughter was worse than mine and the bags kept coming...


Maggie May said...

Oh dear...... I suppose that the unscrupulous passengers might chuck them overboard.
I think it would be worth asking a member of staff what to do with the used bags.

Hoping the rest of the crossing went/goes without such problems. Enjoy yourselves when you get there.
Maggie x

nick said...

Oh dear, it sounds like a ghastly ferry ride. I remember being violently seasick on cross-Channel ferries when I was a kid. As you say, all you can do is endure - and look forward to your destination. I hope the rest of your trip was worth the vomiting!

Suburbia said...

Home now Maggie - luckily it was the homeward crossing!

Nick, it was the Spanish crossing so fairly prolonged, the trip prior to vomit was good!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Oh no, been there but not on as long a trip - DD1 remembers a ferry trip to France when she went there with friends and threw up all the way, and we've endured many trips across the Irish Sea punctuated by regular visits to the loo. Glad you're home now x

cheshire wife said...

I once spent six hours on a ferry from Roscoff to Plymouth watching the horizon to stop my self from being sick, but I guess that that does not always work.

Rose said...

I remember my daughter's friend being sick on a flight several years ago as I traveled with a group of students. We handed the full bag to the flight attendant afterwards; I have no idea what you would do at sea either. Hope Tall Girl recovered quickly once she was back on dry land!