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Wednesday, May 04, 2016


We're all hopping up and down with anticipation here. Well, when I say 'all' I really mean Tall Girl and I as Small Sprog can only really muster enthusiasm for web based activities. He's about to start his GCSEs (revision is scant if not non existant despite endless nagging from me), has approximately 4 weeks left at school and doesn't really have a handle on either event. However he's keen to move too; he just can't see himself in the future, and by that I mean the next 24 hours! But Tall Girl and I can and we can't wait! Big Al says he's 'howling'; being married and living apart is definitely no fun.

So in 46 days and 22 hours it will be moving day and we will leave this house and this city, there will be things we miss but the future is very bright.

In our excitement today Tall Girl (it's her day off work) and I are having a calming cup of tea. "What would you like" she says as she puts on the kettle.
"A cup of Tai Chi" I say. At which she crumples with laughter.
"I'm not sure how you get that in a cup" she giggles. Obviously I meant Chai Tea.

Our new front door.


Maggie May said...

I didn't realise you'd be leaving Bristol. I wonder where you are going? You can email me?
It must be very exciting making a new start for everyone.
Wishing you all the best.
Maggie x

nick said...

Indeed, being married and living apart must be no fun at all. So where are you moving to, if you don't mind divulging?

A cup of Tai Chi - I like it! I hope the cup is flexible enough to assume all the required postures!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Oh this is life changing! Love that front door and dying to know where it is :) x

Rose said...

Haha, the Tai Chi tea made sense to me:) Good luck on the move; how exciting!

Suburbia said...

Thanks All, I will still be here though - couldn't give up my virtual friends x