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Friday, May 27, 2016


An era is drawing to an end and there are new beginnings on the horizon for all of us here.

Small Sprog had his last day of school today (apart from outstanding exams) and its feeling strange to think that, after 8 years, we will not go there again.

Tall Girl has been offered work in our new town and is very excited.

I am continuing my counselling course in September after a year off.

In a months time I will be sitting at a different table, in a different garden, things are about to change.

So why do I feel so demotivated today? And lonely? Too much time on my hands, not working, an empty bank holiday weekend- which I have always loathed.

Sunday I think it's time to start packing boxes...


Maggie May said...

Its bound to be a big upheaval and no matter how excited you all might be, its a bit nerve wracking to up sticks and start again!
I'm sure it will all go smoothly though.
Maggie x

Procrastinator extraodinaire said...

Having moved too many times I am well aware of that feeling. It is the limbo land of leaving somewhere and perhaps thinking of all that you could have done but now won't, so no point lingering and so wanting to not be there and instead to already starting your new life. Have enjoyed reading your blog, I found it on Tattie Weasels, all the best with your move.

nick said...

Oops, I missed your post somehow! Good luck with all your new beginnings. You're obviously very impatient to be in your new home now that you've chosen it. I know the feeling!

DD's Diary said...

Hope you're all settling into your new place ... looking forward to hearing how it's going!