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Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Hero (I am your mother!)

I had a snuggle in bed with a very sleepy Small Sprog this morning, he was hugging his monkey.
"I'm hugging my monkey too!" I said to him
"I'm not a monkey" He retorted "I'm Luke Skywalker"
"Then you are my Hero" I smiled
"I am good at Mario Kart" He said, starting to run with the idea "So I bet I'd be great at flying a spaceship"
"I bet you would" I said
"And I could battle monsters with the sword in my wardrobe........and with the insides of a toilet roll"
Hmmm, not sure what Luke would think of that idea!

Later, at breakfast time he came downstairs and into the kitchen, where he began to line up his dinosaurs on the breakfast table.

"We only had two Dinos for breakfast yesterday" I stated
"Four now" He said "Double"
Some maths concepts are sinking in then.....

I turned my back to sort out the cereals
"MUM!" Shouts Tall Girl
"What is it?"
"Small Sprogs doing rude things with his dinosaurs"!

Just another normal moment in suburbia!


lakeviewer said...

Got love sibling interchange. Luke Skywalker is still attracting boys' imagination, I see.

Maggie May said...

Well.... he had his maths lesson and now it is biology!
I love the things they say. I now carry a notebook! So watch out. Plenty of little sayings getting written down.

As I have Fridays off anyway, I have now officially broken up! Wayhay!
If only *my* little girls were not going to the other side of the earth on Saturday! it would be perfect.

Liz said...

What sort of rude things?!!

Chic Mama said...

Ahhh, haha, sounds exactly like my household. Enjoy your break.

Dori said...

Ah, siblings. And Luke Skywalker battles dinosaurs in his bathrobe here as well. Maybe Mr. Lucas should look into that...

Furtheron said...

Dinosaurs and boys... why is that? My son was mad about them when he was younger - we had loads of them everywhere and it was always the thing he bought when out.

I think we passed them on some time back

Steve said...

Rude things with his dinosaurs? He could become a script writer for Primeval when he's older.

JennyMac said...

This reminded me of me and my brother. Too cute. And I love the morning cuddles with our little man.

Rose said...

And the best moments in Suburbia! I spent most of the day with 4-year-old grandson yesterday. We were attacked by giant octopi...while going through the carwash:)

Akelamalu said...

My youngest grandson adores Dinosaurs. His Daddy is taking him and his brother to see Walking with Dinosaurs at the MEN next week.

the eternal worrier said...

I played Mario Cart with Beth last weekend!! Im not too bad if I dont say so myself. But I bet Sprog better? Little boys are great at that sort of thing.

family affairs said...

OOH that's freaky - we both have exactly the same number of followers! I had that question....I asked my husband - it turned out when we were in counselling that "what time are you coming home" was the question he most hated because it made him feel trapped. So. Not good when he resents me before he's even walked back in the door!

Do not sell your house until you have completely signed sealed and delivered your financial settlement package - I presume you have a lawyer? Lx