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Friday, January 22, 2010

Sweet dreams and nightmares

'Mummy, I had a lovely dream last night' said Small Sprog sleepily as he teetered, wobbly from sleep, down the stairs this morning.
'Did you?' I replied 'What did you dream about?'
'Well, I was a mole and Tall Girl was a hedgehog, and we were in the jungle together and there was a big screen and I said to her do you want to play and she said.......'
By this time I had forgotten to concentrate.
'That's a lovely dream' I said soothingly when he at last drew breath. 'It's funny' I said 'But I don't think I've ever dreamed I was an animal, I think I am always a person in my dreams'
'You are strange' He said firmly, giving me an odd look, and went on with eating his breakfast.

This evening it is Small Sprogs party and tomorrow it is his birthday. I am looking forward to helping him celebrate, but at the same time not wanting to have to share the time and space with Husband. It is a little like Christmas time again. Actually I am dreading having to be at the party venue tonight with him. We will be the only two adults (apart from the staff at the venue) for a whole 2 and a half hours, with nowhere to hide.

Sometimes things turn out better than you expect. I hope this is one of them.

PS. This morning, just before I left for work I had a lovely text from one of my girl friends saying that she will stay with me for a while at the party tonight. I am blessed with good friends and am very thankful.........

Lunchtime update:
When I returned home from work there was a packet which had arrived for me in the post. Inside was a note from another very good friend, it cheered me up no end, and she had sent me a gift too, something to go with some shoes which I had bought when shopping with her recently.
I am so lucky to have friends who show they care. Thank you x


Steve said...

Hopefully there will be so much going on and so many distractions you'll be able to forget that your husband is there! Hope Small Sprog has a lovely party.

French Fancy... said...

Oh dear, but maybe it will be better than you expect - just as Christmas was. It is hard when one has turned phobic about another person though - you just expect the worst and anticipate the worst.

I hope SS has a great birthday though

Carol said...

I agree with will be so rushed off your feet that it will be over before you know it!!

Good friends are worth their weight in gold...I'm glad that you are surrounded by them!

Good luck

C x

nick said...

That sounds a good tactic, just keep yourself so distracted that husband will barely cross your mind.

Furtheron said...

I think I agree that you'll have more than enough to keep you busy that you'll not have time to worry about it.

Word verification is "ingenob"... sounds like something you'd buy in those catalogues in the middle of the TV guide that not only opens your cupboard but has 3 other handy features like can or bottle opening...

Maggie May said...

Friends always seem to rescue you Sub. That is a blessing.
hope SS has a great birthday. That child will go far!

Nuts in May

BS5 Blogger said...

We are the lucky ones to know you!