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Monday, June 14, 2010

Excuse me while I moan?

Small Sprog is due to go to 'Cub Camp' with his dad next weekend. He told me he doesn't want to go and could I relay that fact to Husband, which I duly did via email. Why didn't Small Sprog want to mention it? I guess because he knows he will be persuaded to go.

I have had no reply to my email. Camp falls on my birthday. I have a sneaky suspicion that is why Small Sprog doesn't want to go. I have told him that we can celebrate my birthday at another time but it hasn't changed his mind. By the way, it should be my 'turn' to have him next weekend.

This weekend the children have been with Husband. I won't see them until tomorrow.
'Do you know if Small Sprog is going to camp?' I texted Tall Girl this afternoon
'Think so' she replied.
Husband must have persuaded him. I hope Small Sprog hasn't agreed to go just to please. I wish Husband had let me know what was going on. I often send him emails keeping him up to date with events that the children are involved in. He never answers. I don't have any details about camp yet, what time he is picking Small Sprog up, what time he is bringing him home, what things he needs to pack. All done to annoy I guess.

It is my birthday on Sunday. I would like to make plans, but I can't until I know what's happening. I wish I had just put my foot down now. Old habits die hard I guess.


Akelamalu said...

Oh honey you need to take control - ex is getting all his own way and it's obvious small sprog doesn't like it. :(

Whatever happens I hope you have a lovely birthday. x

Eternal Worrier said...

I think you’ll find that these sort of games are the norm with some ex partners, be they male or female.

BS5 Blogger said...

Great new layout! :-( poor SS x

Maggie May said...

Oh he sounds so controlling.
Can't you keep SS back with you? Maybe he could be a bit ill? Too ill to go camping?
Maybe you are too accommodating.

Whatever happens...... do try and have a Happy Birthday.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Rob-bear said...

Sad way to begin a week, all this nonsense.

Cub Camp is fun — well, it can be, if you really want to be there.

Hope SS can sort this out, and you can help.

Happy birthday, if I don't get back. Your 29th, again?

Steve said...

He sounds a thoroughly niggardly individual and no mistake. I agree with the commenters above. Take control. Break the old habits.

Saz said...

mine never answers news is good news...

saz x

nick said...

I agree. Don't let husband mess you about, find a way of keeping SS with you on your birthday if that's what he wants.

That sort of manipulative non-communication is totally infuriating.

Carol said...

Your ex really is a miserable so and so isn't he!! I agree with everyone else...time to break the old habbits!

Have a wonderful birthday hon what ever you end up doing :-)

C x

Furtheron said...

Well if SS is going I hope he has a great time. Cub camps and then later scout expeditions including a complete navigation by canoe of the Medway were the making of him frankly.

You need to politely but firmly explain that you need certain info - if not forthcoming ensure you are late back, not packed etc. whenever he turns up to pick them up. If he complains just shrugh and say "Well if you let me know you were coming I'd have been here with them ready".

Good luck

Furtheron said...

Oh yes... and happy forthcoming birthday

Chic Mama said...

So behind on reading posts, it's hard isn't it and sad that your son will do things he doesn't want to just to please his dad.
I hope you managed to have a good birthday yesterday. xx