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Sunday, June 27, 2010

When I left the family home, over 4 months ago now, I took some of the pot plants with me. They were ones I had bought from my own garden when I was single, all those years ago.

I bought the palm tree in Cornwall as a 'baby'! It grew quite well despite being in a pot, and when I went out in the freezing weather last February, to assess what I could take with me when I moved house, it was still alive. It looked a bit poorly but still alive it was.

On my moving day I directed the removal men into the garden, telling them there was a palm tree to go in the van from the back garden. They returned back into the house looking puzzled. 'Do you mean that stick in the corner?' they enquired. And sure enough, the thing had died overnight. All it's leaves were on the floor and it stood there looking pitifully naked. I sighed. I felt like it had betrayed me! 'Take it anyway' I said to them, 'I can always use the pot later'.

It's been in my new, pocket sized garden ever since. You can see above that it is just a stick (the rosette shapes belong to another plant). I have watered it in the vain hope that it might come back to me, but recently I commented to my mum that I might have to chop its top off, just to see what would happen, but I haven't had the heart to attack it yet.

Anyway, as I was leaving the house Friday night, I gave it a cursory glance and there, near the bottom of the trunk I could see this:

What do you think? I reckon it's still alive!
I shrieked with joy and gave it a little rub. I knew you could do it, I said out loud. It made me very happy. It may well grow up to look a very odd looking palm tree, but palm tree it still is!

Lots of things have made me happy recently. I have had a lovely weekend. And who couldn't fail to be happy in this lovely summer weather (unless you are an England Football Fan that is!)


Rose said...

It definitely looks like a sign of life to me! Perhaps it's just been getting acclimated to its new surroundings to see if it wanted to grow or not. There must be some symbolism here, but my brain is too foggy to figure it out right now.

Sorry I haven't been around the last few days; I've been down with a virus or something and haven't even felt well enough to get on the computer. Looking forward to a better week this week.

nick said...

A strange coincidence. We also have a palm tree that seemed to have died, as the leaves went brown and collapsed. So we also have a stick. We also have not just one but six new shoots growing at the bottom, so yes, it's alive! Our dilemma now is whether or not to cut down the original stem to speed up the growth of the shoots. We must swap notes as growth progresses!

Glad to hear you are so happy! I'm totally not a football fan, the only ball game I like is pinball....

Steve said...

Yep... there's life in the old stick yet!

Akelamalu said...

It would seem that your new home has your palm tree's seal of approval! :)

I'm so enjoying the summer weather, despite the football. ;)

Suburbia said...

This is the only way I could publish these comments... cut and pasted from my email. Thanks everyone for your comments :)

From Maggie at Nuts in May;
Yes...... it is alive and do you know? That could signify a new beginning for everyone!

It is heartwarming to have lovely weather, if not a a trifle hot but the football was quite depressing! I'm not a football fan but I do get patriotic for the world cup. All over for us now.
Glad you had a happy weekend.
Maggie x

From Lakeland Jo;
will keep my fingers firmly crossed for your tree XX

From Carol;
This post made me smile! I am ridiculously pleased for you :-)

*sends postive growing vibes to wee tree*

C x

Rob-bear said...

I think there's a metaphor in that tree about surviving very difficult change. That being the case, it certainly belongs in your home.

Furtheron said...

looks like a good sign... I nearly pulled up our passion fruit plant earlier in the year as I was sure I'd finally killed it (I not a great gardener as that comment betrays no doubt :-)) but now there are a lot of green shoots so I'm leaving it be for the moment.

DD's Diary said...

Green shoots! That's definitely a sign - fantastic x

Liz Hinds said...

Whoopee! New life!

this is my patch said...

There's life in the old stem yet! x