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Saturday, February 05, 2011

A windy morning, a stormy night in fact and a little wan voice calls from the top of the stairs in the gloomy half light that is just before 7am.

It is Tall Girl, it is Friday morning, and she knows I am not going to work. In her head this means she doesn't have to go to school. I need her to go to school, I can't rest in the house unless it's empty. A luxury to have an empty house. I feel selfish, for a moment. Then I pull myself together, there is nothing wrong with her and she needs to go to school.

'I can't hear you' I shout up the stairs to her. She comes down. 'What did you say?' I ask
'Is it too windy to go to school?' She whines
Too windy to go to school? I laugh, probably not the right response.
'The bus might blow over' she exclaims.
Bless, she really does hate the wind. I wonder whether to have a talk about forces, gravity and the fact that Double Decker buses are heavy at the bottom. I decided against.

She sat sulkily at the breakfast table, a well practised stance often used to make mummy's guilty in the morning for being heartless enough to insist that school was a place where you should be.

Gradually we managed to get the whole morning routine rolling slowly but surely towards the point of leaving the house.
'Don't worry' I tell her as I kiss her good bye at the door 'If it's too windy the buses won't run'
I have my fingers crosses behind my back!


Steve said...

Just wait till she complains it's too Friday-ish to go to school. That's a tough one to argue.

Valerie said...

Don't you always have to be one up on likely arguments...grins.

nick said...

I loved my first school, hated my second. I wonder why she's reluctant to go to school. Is there a teacher or subject she dislikes? Is one of the other pupils bugging her?

Maggie May said...

Hope you had a good, peaceful Friday. if anything it is windier still today.
More likely to get a tile through our heads, I think than to overturn a bus.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Kitty said...

Pah - to windy? I've heard much crazier excuses than that from No.1 as to why she shouldn't go to school. Schoolitis, I call it! x

Eternal Worrier said...

Have you ever noticed how little kids go really mental in the playground on windy days?

Suburbia said...

Hi Nick, both my kids are dyslexic, makes school hard work rather than a pleasure :-(

EW , yep, hell when you work in a school! Cats go crazy in the wind too but I guess you would with the wind blowing up your bum!!

Miss Sadie said...

Well, Tall Girl is trying to be inventive, so we should give her marks for that. But not enough to pass. Meaning it's off to school.

Besides, you need the day to your self. Desperately.

Liz Hinds said...

They can play us so well! But that is an unusual one: too windy to go to school!

Furtheron said...

I hate the wind to... I blame the big wind in 87 when I was battling against it trying to board up a window that had smashed in as half the roof flew off onto my car... not helping here am I

Eddie Bluelights said...

Very windy indeed. Nice try tall girl about the bus blowing over. Children are very clever and it sometimes is difficult to counter but I liked your line, "If it's too windy the buses won't run."
Saw your comment at my sister's, Maggie!! LOL Glad it amused you - hope it did Maggie LOL.
Best wishes

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