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Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Evening

Dinner at Mums; with wine.

"She never remembers what I tell her" Step Father complains
"He never hears what I tell him" Mum moans constantly
"What did Horace say Whinny?" I want to say

Always a mistake to drink the wine on an empty stomach before the dinner.

Step father is carving the chicken, or rather disgorging it. "It must have been a cockerel" He exclaims, "I've just found his balls"

Honestly, he's over 80 now, but he really doesn't get any better.

"DENNIS!" My mother shouts, her voice full of consternation. But it is too late, the bottle is half empty and we sit giggling together like a pair of naughty children. A few 'Actress and Bishop' jokes fly through the air as does the chicken skin, directed towards their ageing Retriever, who will eat anything but particularly loves chicken and turns into a bouncing puppy the minute she sniffs it out.

After dinner we sit replete, watching TV...

"I fancy something sweet" Says Mum
"Chocolate?" Says Dad
"All gone" She says
"You've eaten it all?"
"Yes" she replies "Got it out of the way" ate the lot "so I could go on a diet"! Well it's no good having chocolate around when you're trying to diet...

Honestly, its' like a mad house here, no wonder I turned out like I did!


Steve said...

Sounds terrific fun to me. You ought to hire them out for parties!

Suburbia said...

Honestly Steve, no one would have them!

Maggie May said...

Mmmh! That sounds horribly like my parents!
Actually the more I think of it the more it sounds normal to me!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I want to be like them :)

Rob-bear said...

I think Steve has the right idea. They would make a great comedy team. Nobody would have to know they're like this in real life! ;)

Liz Hinds said...

Your mother is a very wise woman. (Except maybe in her choice of husband, remembering what you've written before.)

Furtheron said...

sounds alarmingly close to our madhouse at times... ;-)

Anonymous said...

They sound like I would like to at 80. I don't really like drinking on an empty stomach. Nice post.

nick said...

All parents seem to get steadily more and more bonkers. And most oldies, come to that. I'm probably getting increasingly bonkers myself.

"She had to get the chocolate out of the way so she could go on a diet." I like her way of thinking - even if it's bonkers.