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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Small Sprogs reveals his secret

"He's told me" Says Tall Girl, who is sitting on the kitchen worktop, feet stretched out on the draining board.
"Is he in trouble?" I ask
She shakes her head.
"Well as long as he's not upset or in trouble then that's ok"

I start preparing the tea but she is looking at me, I can feel it. "It's what I guessed yesterday" She carries on.
I'm obviously supposed to prise this one out of her. After checking that he didn't have detention and a teacher was not in any way involved I said..."He has a girl friend?"
"Yes" She says "but she's horrible!"
"What do you mean, horrible?"
"Well, she's not but her cousin is; her family smoke and take drugs and she looks plastic"
I think about this last statement, does it go with 'orange', the ones that wear too much make up?
"You can't judge her like that," I reply " just because she has undesirable relatives. What's her name?"
"Well, he couldn't remember at first, but eventually he said her name was Shania"
"Oh" I say, trying not to pass comment, but wondering which social consumer type list that name would show up on.

So Small Sprog has a girl friend, and apparently I am now allowed to know this fact. However Tall Girl is worried. "She was his new best friend Dans' girl friend last week" She tells me.
"Small Sprog says Dan doesn't mind"
"He probably doesn't" I say to her "boys are different"

I mull this over. Small Sprog seems to have got in with a crowd of OK boys at his new school, as far as I can tell, I start to worry about him making things difficult for himself.

At bedtime I ask Small Sprog if Dan's ok with it all. I tell him that girls will come and go but that he really needs to look after his mates. He nods. "Is she pretty?" I ask.
He nods
"What's her name?"
He remembers this time!


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, sounds like some of my outlaws. Yea lots of orange girls around these days. What is that about? A nice tan yes, but bright orange.

Rob-bear said...

Aw. Small Spring is in love (or some such). How sweet.
But he's checking on his mate too.
Perhaps he has found a winning combination in terms of managing his life.

Steve said...

Ah... you never forget your first, love. But often forget your first girlfriend. There's a difference! ;-)

nick said...

You're probably right that the girls will come and go, and the family background of the latest one is not that important. As long as he doesn't get a reputation for womanising, that's the main thing....

Maggie May said...

Ah....... young love. Takes me right back.
She will be the first of many.
You are so right about telling him to keep in with his mates, though. That is so important.

Hope the orange plastic image is totally wrong!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

BS5 Blogger said...

What an exciting update!

Suburbia said...

Definitely a girl friend and not love I reckon!

Hadn't thought about that Nick!

Me too Maggie

Shhhh! BS 5 - we are not mentioning it!

Jennysmith said...

Can't believe Small Sprog is old enough now to be even interested in girls!

This girl in my son's class (year 8), asked out Son who said no, then asked out his mate who said yes. I can't believe these forward little minxes! Would you have done that at 12?

Suburbia said...

Yes Jenny, Shania did the asking! Wasn't like that in my day ;-)

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Aww, I missed out on all this, there's too much Aspergers traits in this house, even my Angel never tells me anything like this, lucky you xx

Rose said...

Aw, so cute. I wouldn't worry too much about this girl's family. If she was his best friend's girl last week, there will probably be a new girlfriend next week. Being true to his friends is wise advice.

Liz Hinds said...

I'll never forget old whatsher name. Bless him. I'm sure he will make the right choice when it matters. I remember Younger Son going out with a girl 'from the rough end of town'. (did you see me then? I did my Les Dawson mouthing the words thing.) That only lasted for one date. She might have perfectly lovely of course and I'm just a prejudiced mother.