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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A brief escape!

Tonight I 'm leaving my suburb to escape to the city! I have some really lovely girl friends that I have known since we all had our first children, and although we have been trying to get a night where we are all free since Christmas, I think it will be worth the wait! In the days when we first met, we would be known to empty retaurants! Mostly due to our conversations about the darker side of child care I suspect!!(the messy bits). Now we all have our lives back, although you never really get back to how things were before children, the conversation is more varied, and I am looking forward to the company of good friends.
I also thought you may like to see Small Sprogs garlic! He grows it in our garden and loves to eat it roasted. Loads of it. Hopefully there will be some on the menu tonight and then I will be immune to him for a while!


BS5 Blogger said...

Hello Suburbia! How was your night out? Huge one for me today - rugby and Guinness and larking about!

billy said...

Great night thanks, however Small Sprog up at not so great!

Bit of an overdose of rugby today?!