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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's mealtime....get me out of here!

Tall girl has finally lost her wobbly tooth, hooray! It took her at least 45 minutes to eat her tea last night, the rest of us can wolff it down in 10!! The trouble is that Small Sprog has the attention span of a gnat, especially in the evening when he's tired. Sitting still at that time of night is no mean feat for him (where is all this leading?) well, yes, I'll get on with it now.
We have had a crack down on table manners. Small Sprog must stay at the table until we've all finished (I had no idea Tall Girl had a 'wobbly' when the new regime started). This is the sort of regime that you know you should instigate, because sometime soon someone will visit who has children with perfect table manners, but you keep putting off.

So Small Sprog squirmed and sang and fiddled and moaned and generally made a fuss about waiting for his (awkward) sister to finish. After 15 minutes Husband was getting a little edgy too. After 20 minutes I offered to pull it out (the tooth of course!), I know the mouthful of food would have been revolting to delve into but patience was low all round!. Noooo, she howled between mouthfuls, it will hurt. Not as much as watching Small Sprog squirm I thought.

25 minutes into the ordeal Husband started to clear the table! Hm. Then he gave Small Sprog some dishes to put in the washer. Then they both miraculously disappeared. Funny how that happens sometimes.
I haven't bothered taking a photo of the tooth, to gruesome. This is the nearest thing I could find! The rocks are naturally occurring and can be found at Hound Tor on Dartmoor. I took the picture when we visited in February.


BS5 Blogger said...

This post really made me laugh! Especially the line in brackets confirming 'the tooth of course!'

Thanks for your BS5 comment on the Ancient Fish - that was great too!

I am back online at home after confusion with my router.

Have a great Suburbia Thursday night (with the new manners regime). The name seems sassy and popular.

Suburbia said...

Wondered where you were!!
Thanks again for the name inspiration.