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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Mourning the net curtain!

Sunday mornings start of in a fairly relaxed way here. If I'm lucky it will not be my turn to make the tea. Tall Girl can do it but has lost interest after the first few tries (being grown up does become tedious after a while). So whilst lying in bed sipping tea in a semi upright position movement caught my eye from the window opposite.
The houses in Acacia Avenue were all built during the sixties. Not the most inspired of architectural eras, and when we moved in seven years ago some houses still had their original aging occupants within. They had moved into new family homes forty years ago and liked it so much they had stayed. However over the last few years the original occupants have slowly dwindled, either to homes, hospitals or hearses. Their demise has also brought about the end of the net curtain!
When we arrived nearly every house had them, in varying shades of grey, nasty ugly cataracts over the glassy eyed windows, leaving the outsider blind to what lurked beneath and the occupant in a twilight zone of curtain twitching and one by one they have disappeared.
So as I lifted my mug to my lips I was faced with a pair of very inelegant breasts on full show from the bedroom window of the house diagonally opposite to ours. It was not a pretty sight. I may once or twice in the past have thought that happening over someone else's nudity might be quite erotic! How wrong I was. And it was not a brief look either, ( I poked husband and he cursed as a drop of tea spilt over the side of his mug) , ''look at number 29!'' She might as well have been waving to us. Maybe all those net curtains were a blessing after all.

If you're wondering about the picture, it is Small Sprogs wellies during a Sunday afternoon walk. Well you wouldn't have thought much of me if I'd posted a pair of inelegant breasts would you?!


starnitesky said...

That really made me laugh, I am thinking about putting up net curtains as people walk by and look in (I have recently moved to a house which is close to the road). Welcome to the world of blogging and thanks for visiting my blog.

Glad you liked the Glastonbury pics.

Jazzie said...

Privacy is one of the reason why I bought net curtains, well you can easily see the outside world without being noticed since people can't see what's happening behind those curtains.