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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let it all hang out!

Traditionally, in suburbia, washing day was always on a Monday, however I like to live on the edge so today seemed perfect! Just a little windy but not raining after lunch, so it should be the perfect 'drying day'. I will achieve Domestic Goddess status, washed, dry and ironed, all before bed time!!

Once in the garden, though, it was hard to stand completely upright! Would it be wise to hang it on the line? Ummm....Maybe just the larger items, they may have more chance of hanging on in this gale. Yes I think that would be the safest. It would be a bit embarrassing picking up the families 'smalls' out of the neighbours gardens later. So yes, just the Jeans and towels.......Oh and husbands boxers, just for a laugh....... and may be that odd sock I found at the back? Don't know where that came from.


starnitesky said...

I hope your 'bigs' stayed on the line as I don't think the smalls would have today!

david mcmahon said...

Thanks for the visit - I;m so glad you enjoyed my blog.

Those are great boxers - tell your husband you are going to fly them from the mast of the QE 2 in his honour!

billy said...

David, I think they got their by themselves! Sadly I didn't have my camera, it would have been a great shot!

BS5 Blogger said...

Random appearances of socks, huh? Strange indeed. You are right out there on the edge with your wash day changes!

Did Nigella ring up to bestow Domestic Goddess-ness upon you?

Jolly nice clock, by the way. I like the purple.

billy said...

Nigella is conspicuious by her absence! Obviously I must try harder.

I have a cat now too.