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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Quick, hide all the eggs!

It's not pretty is it?!
But it is seasonal!
This is our very own Easter Bunny.
Her name is Ruby, (look into her eyes!).
We sing her the song (Kaiser Chiefs) but she's a bit deaf (design fault).
She's greedy, not very clean and there's not much going on between her ears, but I thought she deserved her moment of fame!!
Husband mumbles about garlic and red wine when he occasionally wanders past, it's not really funny any more.


Maggie May said...

She's really sweet. A very apt picture for Easter.

VP said...

Hi - thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog just now. I used to work in Bristol until the end of last year - but have now fully 'escaped' back to Chippenham!
That's one of the reasons why I started blogging - no captive audience at work to talk to! And you're right, it's addictive...

Well done on getting your degree and have a great Easter :)

Suburbia said...

Hi Maggie May, yes she is sweet really!

vp, thanks a lot!

starnitesky said...

Beautiful bunny! I always had rabbits when the children were at home. I miss them at times!

Elizabeth said...

Dear Suburbia
love the humourous tone of your blog.
Yes, blogging is utterly addictive - but probably safer than booze.
Tell the rabbit happy easter from Morocco.

Suburbia said...

Hi Starnitesky, and let me guess... it was you who cared for them daily?!

Thanks Elizabeth. I am so tired but still glued to my screen!Must go to bed
Good night

Oberon said...

.....beware the deadly killer away, run away.