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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Posh Nosh.

Stuck in that 'what on earth shall we eat for tea tonight' type rut, I made the mistake, this morning, of asking Small Sprog what he would like to eat when he got home. 'Mummy's going to the supermarket today, do you have any requests for tea?' I trilled on the way to school, wondering how I was going to squeeze this shopping trip into an already action packed day.
'Meat' was the reply, 'lots of meat'!
'Chops?' I suggested.
'And bacon........and sausage'
'Chops today and bacon and sausage tomorrow then'
'No' he howled, 'all of it today'.
He obviously hadn't eaten enough breakfast and could clearly still eat a horse.
'Well lets try and spread it out a bit' I suggested.
'and Salami' he cried, ignoring me.
'Yes, as a starter'.
Of course, in our elegant suburban bubble, we have starters, main and desert every night, sorbet to clean the pallet too on a Tuesday, (not)!


BS5 Blogger said...


Clarke the Shark says hi and wants to remind you that voracious consumption of meat is a good thing for small Sprog if that is how he feels some days. Clarke wants to know if Small Sprog is interested in learning more shark based skills? He is also keen to protect rather than pray on frog spawn in your garden and wishes you the best for a good crop.

Suburbia said...

Small Sprog is all for sharks! Loves them almost as much as frogs.
What sort of shark based skills did he have in mind?

the mother of this lot said...

Small Sprog should come and live here. He'd fit right in.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Suburbia,

You might not approve of Clarke the Shark's classes; he excels in teaching students how to lark about aimlessly at the weekend, how to avoid bedtimes and how to spot wine bargains in the Supermarket. However, he is also good at cleaning shoes and cars, and of course hunter killer skills in oceans all over the planet. I bought Clarke in a Disney store in LA (very secretly!)

Maggie May said...

At least he knows what he wants! One day he might cook for you. My son makes a mean curry! Yum!

Suburbia said...

Hi BS5,
I think he has already had secret meetings with Sharky regarding larks and bedtime, he's obviously saving the rest for his teens.

Hi Maggie
I can't wait for him to cook curry! He's quite good at biscuits.

Brett said...

Mixed grill!! Just what i need

starnitesky said...

Well you asked ............

Liz said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog.

Is it in the male gene, do you think, that desire to eat meat? And in large quantities often to the exclusion of everything else!