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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dreams of summer

By this time tomorrow it will be British Summer time.
I don't care what it's doing outside.
The promise of summer is enough.............

Although it's been summer time here for a good few hours.
Husband has already fixed all the clocks!


VP said...

Hi - how was the disco?

I hate it when the clocks go forward - I'm out of sorts for ages afterwards. Strangely, the clocks going back's not a problem...

Maggie May said...

Thanks for reminding me!
I expect the children will wake up even earlier now!
On the plus side, lighter evenings & longer days & the promise of spring!

starnitesky said...

At last - light evenings, although losing an hour will not be good for me as I always stay up late!

BS5 Blogger said...

What a sensible chap! I did all my clocks at about 8pm, which then became 9pm. I had dinner and a glass of wine and went to bed and kind of lost my BST hour in the evening's ether.

I like your enthusiasm for summer days!

Sandpiper said...

I hate time changes, but the one in the winter bothers me the most. Love this time of year!

Liz said...

It's been lovely here today. really summery. Well, okay, springlike then.

Suburbia said...

Hi vp
The disco was quite entertaining, I might post about it sometime!

Hi Maggie, it's getting them to bed now thats the problem!

Hi Starnitesky, summer time suits me , it's 10pm now but my body only thinks its 9pm so I can stay up later!!

BS5, it must be a man thing then, changing the clocks early?!

Hi Sandpiper
This time change is always something to look forward to, full of promise.