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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Queen for the day!

There have been mumblings for some time here in the suburb that I am about to be assimilated. Husband is getting a little 'tetchy' about the time spent looking at the screen.
'You'll never keep it up, writing that diary' he says.
'It's not a diary in the normal sense' I reply.
'I've never kept a diary for longer than a few months' he continues.
'It's not really a diary' I repeat.
'I can't see the appeal'. (He's obviously not listening!)
'I enjoy it' I say, exasperated.
'You'll end up like the Borg Queen!' he quips.
I haven't kept a diary since I was 14 at which time I vowed never to keep one again. My stepfather had found mine and read all my secrets and you have loads of those at 14! (mostly about boys and related subjects). I got into a lot of trouble, although it was all quite innocent really. So you can see why I haven't kept one since, it sort of curred me of diary writing.
So this 'blogging thing' is quite strange, I write down some thoughts and publish it for anyone who passes by to read! Husband suspects attention seeking. He could be right. I tried to explain the need to communicate.
'I'm just of to the computer to find a picture' I mutter after tea.
'What picture?' he asks
'One of the Borg Queen' I reply.
'You see I'm giving you all the material now too!'


Liz said...

Husband accuses me of being blogging mad. Not true of course. Just because the first thing I do when I get up/come in/have a spare moment is check my blog doesn't make me an addict!

Suburbia said...

Thanks Liz, yes get up/ come in/ have a spare moment........all good opportunities! Glad its not just me.

starnitesky said...

Well I do hope you continue with your blogging, I find it fascinating contacting people all over the world.

white wave said...

Hello from the US. I am also starting to understand the feeling of becoming addicted to blogging. I hope you are able to continue your running. It is a great "escape."

Akelamalu said...

MWM didn't get it either when I first started my blog but he wants one now - he's even chosen a name for it! Men! :(

Suburbia said...

Hi Starnitesky
I can't stop now!!

Thanks White Wave

Hi Akelamalu
funny you should mention that, husband already has a name for his too! I shall discourage it otherwise we shall fight over screen time!

BS5 Blogger said...

Alice Krige - total fox! I can see why she would resonate on Moments from Suburbia. She may have assimilated a ton of planets but a fiver says she couldn't fix a washing machine. That's why the Borg always take the ring round around Planet Zanussi, you know.

Suburbia said...

BS5 any stray socks lately?!

VP said...

Sounds awfully familiar - both your conversation with your husband and Liz's comment!

Suburbia said...

Hi VP, you too then?!