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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My lovely boy

Just arrived home after stocking up on alcohol before budget rises!....No not really. Actually just been to the dentist with Small Sprog and Tall Girl. Though in hindsight the alcohol would have been a good idea.
I hate the dentist. However I don't want the children to catch the phobia, so it's always a little 'edgy'. Today was no exception. They voted me first in the chair. So I was given some specks and duly reclined whilst gripping the arms of the chair for grim death.
My dentist proceeded to prod around a bit and then used an instrument to squirt a sudden rush of cold air into my mouth.
'What was that?' piped up Small Sprog.
'Just some air' said my dentist.
'Oh some air into mummy's mouth.........goes into her mouth' he started singing, while I have several sharp instruments filling my mouth, unable to hush him. I knew where this was going but I was helpless. He hums for a while and then repeats the beginning of his song again and finally he found it. The words for the end of his song,
'and out of her bum, fart fart fart!'
My lovely boy!

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