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Monday, March 24, 2008

A bit off colour?

This weekend the suburban garden here has been alive with new things!
We have quite a long garden, which would be better if the builders in the '60's hadn't decided to put the garage in it. However they did, so it is quite narrow at the top but happily wider at the bottom.
Most of the time the garden is home to some (well lots really) of very annoying wood pigeons, who choose to copulate on the garage roof whilst we eat our breakfast (with no choice but to watch). Small Sprog is fascinated by the whole palaver, the cooing, puffing up of chests, the 'hopping to your partner bit' followed by the tail in the air (does my bum look big in this?) bit, followed by the inevitable, or not.... because sometimes the female has forgotten what comes next, lost interest and flown away! They're not the brightest of birds. I was watching one skulking on the roof the other day when a flurry of snow began to fall. A flake landed on its beak. It looked puzzled and a bit shocked (you can see I have studied pigeon body language!). Moments later another flake floated from the sky. Again the pigeon looked puzzled and a bit shocked......almost as if this hadn't happened just a second before, and then again... puzzle, shock! Obviously they have very short memories, perhaps that explains the persistent copulation too.
Anyway enough of the annoying pigeons. We now have residents in our Blue Tit box (much excitement) and something seems to be visiting the old teapot in the hedge. The Wren has been flitting about and the Robins are about quite a bit too. Our resident Black Bird looks absolutely fabulous in his shiny black feathers, (quite the 'bird' magnet) with his bright orange beak almost luminescent against the green of the lawn. He spruces himself up daily in our pond, usually when I'm out feeding the rabbits. It's nice to know it's not just us humans who have such ridged routines. We have also spotted a Garden Warbler, fresh from Africa (such a miracle they can do that).

There is frogs spawn in the pond, though that has been there for sometime. Small Sprog has lots to look forward to. Frogs are what he likes best, and lots of them, as long as they stay outside I don't mind.

Regarding yesterday, I survived, mostly by skimming the surface as it were. Husband remarked when we arrived home that step father looked older. I realised then, that I hadn't actually looked at him.

Oh yes, by the way, I took this Primrose picture in the gardens of Lacock on Saturday (just in case you were wondering).


Maggie May said...

Thought your copulating pigeon story was very funny! They are a menace if they are ordinary pigeons, more bearable if they are wood pigeons & really nice if they are collared doves! You are lucky to have blue tits. Can't think what has happened to my 30 or more sparrows that came for years to feed in my garden. They have completely disappeared & i think after 2 months they will not come back. I miss my birds.

Elizabeth said...

Your new rabbit looks very cool.
what our children were small we had a huge rabbit called Prince Jazzbo.
the was bigger than the puppy and most interested in Skippy in a most unsuitable way......
Hope visiting your family went well.

Suburbia said...

Thanks Maggie May.
Sparrows are so rare these days, such cheerful little birds.

Hi Elizabeth
Yes I know what you mean about unsuitable. I used to have two cats and one (different)rabbit. The cats were scared to death of his 'unsuitable attentions'!

Singing Bear said...

Thanks for coming to my blog. beloved home town, city of my birth. Now I rarely get there. Places I love...Knowle, Totterdown, Bedminster, St. Pauls, St. Annes Park, the Downs, St. Anne's Woods, The Feeder Canal, Eastville Park and so much more. Bristol Rovers! Mssive Attack! Tricky! The Pop Group!

starnitesky said...

Yes I like the grey, the yellow was a bit bright! You have lots of birds in your garden, I haven't seen a wren for ages. I would like a pond, I had one in my previous garden with lots of frog spawn, I loved watching the tadpoles grow into baby froglets. Maybe I will find the energy this year to dig one.

Maggie May said...

Thanks, Suburbia, for nominating me on David's blog. Was really kind.

tea and cake said...

Hi suburbia, thanx for visiting my blog, and I love primroses! x

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Suburbia,

In general support of Small Sprog, please can I ask for a picture of a few frogs when they emerge? That would be smart. I am glad you had a tolerable day skimming on the surface

Singing Bear seems to miss Bristol a good bit! Eastville Park is good but not so good as St George's here in BS5

Have a good day! :-)

Sandpiper said...

Hi Suburbia, Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I've been enjoying looking around your blog today. Such fun! Pretty flowers and I love the bunny!

Suburbia said...

Hi Starnitesky
I always think we don't get very many birds (these just seem to have appeared) but perhaps I just don't often get time to spend just looking! or perhaps it's the new brand of bird food (Bill Oddie recomended!!)

BS5 frogs on their way!

Thanks Sandpiper.