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Sunday, March 23, 2008

HAPPY EASTER...........happy families!

Introducing you to the final member of the family! This is Archer. Unlike his mate (neutered thank goodness, although the thought of fluffy bunnies is very appealing) he is a 'proper' bunny! A nice bunny shape with proper bunny ears. He has silky fur and is almost edible (not in the garlic and red wine sort of way!). Not that you should have favourites, but if you scroll down you can compare for yourselves!

We shall be visiting my mum today. You have met her before in my very first post. She lives with my step father, whom I have not written about and will 'brace myself' to do so in the future! Things could go either way today in my home town suburbia. Husband is tense already. Small Sprog was awake at 5.20am due to Easter egg excitement, and Tall Girl has had a bit of a strop too and it's only 10.48am. I am steeling myself to be positive, but sometimes ...if you can't beat them, join them........ (goes off shouting....)

And a happy Easter to you all!!


Casdok said...

Good luck today!
Archer looks very content!
Happy Easter!

Maggie May said...

Hope the visit went OK.
Archer seems a lovable little rabbit!
Furry Fred is the image of his dad, isn't he?
Its the nearest I have to a pet, isn't that sad?

starnitesky said...

I hope the visit went well without too many problems. Archer is a gorgeous rabbit, looking serene in the sunshine.

Suburbia said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, it must have helped a little. Not too bad a visit considering!!!

Steve Ballmer said...

Very nice blog!
Is it alright for me to borrow a pict or two?

VP said...

This is not a boring post, this is a markedly and splendiferous post!

Glad it wasn't as bad as you'd expected. I can sympathise - I get the same with my mum!

this is my patch said...

Just popped over to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I hope you had a lovely Easter. I have put you on my list of blog friends, to remind me to visit you. Crikey, a real rabbit for Easter and not a chocolate one, very sweet I must say. We have overdosed on chocolate over the weekend, but funny how you can still be craving more. x