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Friday, March 21, 2008

Flotsam and jetsam on a suburban staircase!

There is a little pile of things on our staircase. It is always there. Sometimes it grows to such a size that people are in danger of their lives whilst negotiating the descent and sometimes it diminishes to a few scattered objects. However it is always present.
It is there because the items are waiting to be returned to their original places; hair brushes, books, coins, toys, all belong upstairs and everyone is too bone-idle to put them away.
The rule is...take up what belongs to you when you go! But it's so strange, no matter how big the pile, I seem to be the only one who can see it!

Ten things currently lurking on my staircase:

1. One pair of shoes (mine).

2. Mobile phone (mine) Oops perhaps it is my pile after all!

3. Double-sided magnetic darts game (Small Sprogs winnings from somewhere I can't remember).

4. A party bag (Small Sprogs, but the last party he went to was at the beginning of February, I hope he'd already eaten the cake, I better check that now).

5. One piece of cake (well, it was once).

6. Lots of paper (husbands stuff!).

7. A pile of birthday cards from Small Sprogs birthday in January and two valentines cards (no point in taking these upstairs until the Easter cards come down, they can all go up together!)

8. One stamp (From Tall girls collection, last viewed approx summer 2007).

9. 5p, 2p and some pennies (must be my pocket money!)

10. Things made out of modelling clay (objects of unknown form, made as Christmas presents and abandoned).

All this.........and more! Whats lurking on your stairs?


BS5 Blogger said...

Is that really a pic' of your Suburban stairs? Cool!

Here's my list:

1 Stair Carpet
2 Some Dust
3 Errr..
4 That's it

The life of a single man! I have a mountain bike with 9 inch front shocks under my stairs, but really, that's it. I had some letters on my second step for about 2 days in February. About once a month when I replace my toothpaste and bubble bath they sit on the fourth step for about an hour but then they ascend when I make my next trip to the middle floor of the house.


---Michael--- said...

I myself live in an old apartment building up a considerable number of stairs, but of course no one is allowed to leave things there. My instead/equivalent are the piles in one room destined to be moved to another. Strangely this is supposed to be in the nature of efficiency... dishes from the living room headed for the kitchen, papers from old files destined for new ones, books waiting to be put into a cupboard library, all disorganized organization. It makes me feel good knowing I have a plan. It makes me feel wise and in control. It makes me feel like there never will be an end to it. Thus lies immortality.

Suburbia said...

Hi BS5
no, not my stairs..if only! I would love to live in minimalist heaven, but alas it is not to be.

I couldn't take a pic of my stairs because the pile obstructed the view!!

Hi Michael
So glad you have the same problem!! It doesn't really matter where the 'pile' is I guess...except mine can be life threatening!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi both - having read your comments, I do have an equivalent list and I find that it is books I start reading before having finished another, and those books are in various places. Here's the list:

1 'The Lost Leader', a biog' of Michael Collins. This is in my briefcase and I read a few pages each day with lunch.

2 A Little History of the English Country Church - idle, gentle read next to the bed - a few pages each night before Zzzzzzz.

3 Longitude - on the lounge table - tend to read this whilst the dinner is doing its thing.

4 'Churchill' by Martin Gilbert. Have read this twice already but still keep it to leaf through in the bath.

They are all going on in a confusion of literature and I should really just persevere with them back to back!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Someone suggested I look up FlyLady last time I was spring clearing...
some nice lateral ideas.

Good post and happy Easter; I can't remember which blog I came from!!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

PS - Lots of shots of Kew (and Henry Moore exhibition) in my February 2008 Photoblog entries - see top of VV sidebar for blog links, if you're interested. Spouse studied law in Bristol.

Maggie May said...

You mean that lovely staircase is not yours?
My grand daughters came to your blog to play with your cat. I'm afraid we stole it & changed its name!

Casdok said...

Love the stairs!
My pile isnt to bad at the moment. Shoes and a book!

Suburbia said...

Hi BS5
I like the idea of leaving books around in different places so you can read a bit of each where ever you are! I am trying to kick the habbit of reading more than one at once. It's working at the moment.
I like the sound of the church one, but have tried Longitude and failed!!

Julie, I plan to view your photos soon.

Suburbia said...

Hi Maggie May
I'm gald they liked the cat, so do my two!
I stole and renamed it aswell! It's original name was Maukie!

starnitesky said...

My stairs are not too bad at the moment - a notebook, a pair of socks and a trumpet mute, but like you there are usually many items on their way up the stairs to their rightful home. Many years ago the dog used to lie on the bend in the stairs which made it difficult to get up or down (she was a German Shepherd).

Suburbia said...

That sounds such a lovely place to lie, sort of homely!

Liz said...

Oh, we've got stairs like that!

Except ours also has an upturned laundry basket on it to stop George, our puppy, from going upstairs. It is a death-trap-in-waiting.