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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Supercharged Small Sprog

Today and yesterday have gently merged into each other with another hospital run for Small Sprog at 3 am this morning. Both of us are severely sleep deprived, but at this moment he is driving his remote control helicopter around the sitting room! The drugs they give him in hospital make his heart race, a little like a caffeine rush I assume, so it is a sleep deprived but supercharged Small Sprog which lives here today! It would be funny, if it had not been such a long night.

Luckily the adult to child ratio here has been a little better than normal, with Small Sprogs cousin, who has just left, taking the pressure off and playing with him endlessly. When Small Sprog is like this he has a butterfly mind and it takes quite a bit of keeping up with- Lego, wii, helicopters, marbles, wii, Lego, wii, helicopters -can you see what I mean?

Tomorrow (should we be lucky enough to stay away from the hospital tonight) we have a duty call to see Mother in Law in Devon. These visits are often fraught, Husband will be tense but I am passed caring now! She no longer upsets me as she once did. The bonus is that Small Sprog might sleep in the car, therefore catching up a little, and I am hoping against hope that his 'superchargedness' will have dwindled to a mild rev!


mrsnesbitt said...

Hope all goes well in Devon! Take Care!

BS5 Blogger said...

Good luck for Devon! Helicopter sounds worthy of a picture!

Jennysmith said...

my poor sweetie, what you've been through! Hope Small Sprog will be alright now. This asthma is very worrying. My neice also had it very badly.

Oh don't talk to me about the Wii thing!

good luck with the out-law tomorrow. mine are coming for lunch. They both eat like two anorexics after we have slaved over it and cooked it. one day i'm going to say something . oh help!

have a good night tonight sweetie. xxxx

Tim Atkinson said...

Poor thing! Having just endured a sick Christmas, I can sympathise - but our aches and pains were nothing like Small Sprogs. 2009 can only get better!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, hope you all get a better sleep tonight.


Maggie May said...

Good luck in Devon and good for you not getting fraught. This *in law* thing is world wide, isn't it? Seems an impossible relationship really.
Sorry Small Sprog had to go back to hospital again.

Kitty said...

Fingers crossed SS is through the worst of it. Whenever I used an inhaler, I went a bit hyper - it feels really weird.

You must be tired from the worry and lack of sleep. Don't forget to take care of you too.


Saz said...

the other in law, l have avoided that so far...but must do my duty before year end, though Larry usually likes to go himself...l'm not missed...but I feel l should go soon. drive carefully and sleep fitfully...

come back soon.

Elizabeth said...

Hope Small Sprog will get the rest he needs........and you need.
Hope he feels better.
All best wishes for a peaceful New Year.

Barbara said...

I hope the visit goes well and you can get some sleep too!

swilek said...

hope all goes well with the in-law's! breathe!! hope your son is on the mend soon too. btw, I love your snow falling on your blog!

molly said...

Poor SS! No fun to be sick at Christmas....Hope you'll all be well again soon and well rested!

Working Mum said...

Hope it goes well in Devon. And hope small sprog feels better soon and calms down!

Liz Hinds said...

Oh dear.

Hope the visit to devon went well and that you're home and beginning to relax again now.

Husband also has a remote controlled helicopter. Perhaps they should get together and having helicopter races.

Mean Mom said...

Sorry about you and small sprog having to repeat the hospital dash. I do hope that he is better, now and that today's visit went OK.

Suburbia said...

Denise and BS5, M5 a complete nightmare!!

Jen, thanks and hope your anorexics ate better than normal!

Thanks Dotterl, hope you are all better too.

Thanks Hulla

Maggie, soem people have good relationships with their out laws though don't they?! It must be possible to get lucky!

Thanks Kitty, but the me time is a little bit lacking here!

Saz, lucky you!!! If only mine would go by himself! (I am there for protection purposes!)

Thanks Elizabeth and Starnitesky

Thanks 67 and yes the breathing thing is essential, I did need to be reminded!

Thanks Molly and Working mum

Liz, don't encourage them! Out doors yes, but inside is a hazard!

Thanks Mean Mom, everyones wishes are so nice to recieve :)

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

Oh I hope your 2009 pans out better.........Mother In Law and Devon in one swipe, dear lord, it would do me in.

Mine lives in Zummerset, and staying there ages me about two decades. I have every sympathy.

I have actually thought about writing a blog totally about my Ma In Law, although I am too loyal to HWMNBO, it's his Ma so I have to pull back sometimes.

Hope you have a good trip.

Letty ;0) and Happy New Year....