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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Siting up in bed with Tall Girl, staring out into the grey which was morning, I listened to her observations about one of the houses opposite. It's the house that is attached to the Single Woman Doctors house. This one who gets dressed in the morning VERY close to her bedroom window!

The house next door to hers has recently been renovated by a single bloke, who obviously has building connections, and he is now living there alone (mostly!). I am not very observant and wouldn't be able to tell you what he looked like, but Tall Girl seems to have 'clocked' him once or twice.

"His blinds are always shut mummy" She commented today
"Are they?"
"Yes, and he has a really big car, and a really big telly and a really big extension"
Quite some credentials then, I mused!

Whilst writing, Small Sprog is dancing around the kitchen, chanting "Tesco, every little helps!"interspersed with the ASDA advert "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

He's a walking TV disaster at the moment! He has seen far to much telly while he has been poorly. It seems that this morning, he is feeling a little better, and excitement for the coming days is mounting. Can he sustain this level of anticipation I wonder? I think perhaps he can, the question is... can I?!


Mean Mom said...

Single man sounds like a good catch for someone, then, specially with his big extension.

I can remember how excited my 3 lads used to get, when Christmas was approaching. They used to drive me crazy. Actually, student son admitted to still feeling excited and he's now 19! Hope Christmas fulfills everyone's expectations.

Saz said...

not long now...its sure is fun the verifictaion word is bedlizi
FFF or suburbia!!!

Polly said...

Now if I were a single woman I'd want to know about that extension..!!!!!

Maggie May said...

The "neighbours" seems to be a fascinating hobby that Tall Girl is getting into! I thought it was going to be a post about bird watching at first! LOL
Small Sprog has a bit to go yet with maintaining his excitement!
My youngest grandchildren are almost in Japan (I should think) for two weeks and the grandsons will arrive Christmas Eve.I am getting excited now!

BS5 Blogger said...

We really need a picture of this Doctor in the spirit of honest blogging? Maybe the single Doctor and the single Builder could have a Christmas liaison?

Anyhow - all festive here and will be quite excited by the day's end.

Kitty said...

Neighbour-watching is a lovely pastime. That's the first time I've read about 'the inelegant breasts' - are they still regularly on display? :-O

The house we're in now affords me very little opportunity for neighbour-watching.


Elizabeth said...

Singing TV commercials is a sure sign of Xmas madness!

Anonymous said...

There's some houses round here that i suspected are "safe" houses as the blinds are always down.

Even today, i make up stories about them.

Wish i could get more excited about christmas.

good blog xxx

Suburbia said...
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Suburbia said...

Mean Mom, so great that he's still excited:)

Saz, for us both I guess :)

Polly, welcome! Maybe I should find out more !!

Maggie, I'm so glad to hear you're excited, you've had a tough year. Hope 2009 is better.

Yes Kitty, sadly they are, often!!!!

Elizabeth, happy madness:)

Hi Jenny, I love yours too :)

BS5 Blogger said...
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