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Monday, December 15, 2008

Up date!

I have not blogged so often recently and I guess I'm not the only one at this time of year when so much is going on. So a few updates from Suburbia:

Yesterday my natural father and his wife visited for tea. They always come at this time of year, close to Christmas and dads birthday. They always come bearing gifts and their slippers, which always makes me laugh. Dad was a bit down because his friend of 66 years died a few days ago and the funeral is on dads birthday. He will be reminded every year, now, on his birthday of his close friend. I feel for him, he is very sensitive like that. Anyway it was nice to see them and he cheered up after a while.

I watched Small Sprog perform in his Christmas concert at school last Friday. He hated performing at his last school, mostly, I think, because they were expected to go on stage without rehearsing very much and he hated feeling ill equipped for the job. However his new school have been practicing for weeks. He has informed me that he has 'completely conquered' his stage fright, bless him and he seemed to enjoy the whole thing, which is really the point I think. He should have performed again tonight, but is home poorly with the beginnings of a nasty cold.

The children are counting down the days now until Christmas. It all seems a bit unreal this year, I peeked to early as I knew I would!!!


Kitty said...

So many lurgies around just now - hope Small Sprog feels much better soon, poor chap. No.1 always hated 'performing', she's a born 'scenery painter' or something.

So pleased to hear of your oasis. Good for you.


Maggie May said...

Brilliant to find an oasis. I am still looking for one!
Glad to hear Small Sprog has conquered his stage fright.
Had a lovely time watching my granddaughters in their school plays.
Getting excited about seeing my daughter & granddsons who are coming Christmas Eve.
Sorry you Dad's friend died so near his birthday. My age..... no age at all really. I see "Norah Batty" died too.Frightening when people seem to *go* so unexpectedly.

Eternal Worrier said...

Oasis... sounds very mysterious.

Anonymous said...

Oh i love your snowflakes.

I tell you, my Big sprog and his mates scowled all the way through the junior carol service last night. It was 5C all over again.

I remember when he was so sweet in those things - like your small sprog.

Thats so very sad for your Dad. My heart goes out to him.

An oasis? tell me more!!!

Rose said...

This is a busy time of year, and I think Blogland will be much quieter for the next week or so. Enjoyed the update and your new wintery look:) Glad Small Sprog did well in the performance; sounds like his new school is a good one.

An oasis...hmmm, you do know how to keep us intrigued, Suburbia:)

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Sub,

Top snowflakes and new grey background. Is the Oasis the first album, Definitely Maybe or What's The Story?

Dori said...

aw, look at's snowing! Very cool.

Letty - A Little Girl With A Curl said...

hey, how do you do those magic snowflakes? !!!! Wow, first of all I thought there was something up with my monitor...........

Sorry to hear about Small Sprog not feeling too well, horrid time of year for all these colds and lurgies, or is it lergies, well you know what I mean!

I have several oasis around here, it is wonderful to have an oasis, make time to get 'lost' in it more often, it does us good to be lost this time of year.

I like your black background too.

I have a butterfly mind, sorry distracted by your snowflakes.

Sorry to hear about your father losing his friend, so near Christmas and his birthday being over shadowed by the funeral.

Life and death go on, even though it is Christmas.

Letty ;0)

scargosun said...

I need an oasis. I think that will be my new years mission (I don't like resolutions), to find me an oasis. Hope SS fees better soon!

Working Mum said...

So glad he enjoyed the perfomance this year - it certainly is the point! But also sorry he's poorly, it's no fun being ill at Christmas, I know!

Akelamalu said...

How awful for your dad to lose his friend and then have the funeral on his birthday.

WE had an email yesterday to say our friend had a heart attack on Saturday and died. It's such a shock.

Elizabeth said...

Cool snow!

Suzysoo said...

So sorry for your Dad that's awful for him. Especially so near Christmas too.

Glad the school play went well for Small Sprog, practice always helps.

I love your snow. Like Letty, i thought something was wrong with the screen at first!

Whats this Oasis, then-I'm intrigued!

cheshire wife said...

Love your snow flakes but where is the oasis?

Brett said...

We lost a friend around this time of year, its not always sad to be reminded.

Anonymous said...

I have always preferred Oais to blur ;)). I an glad you are contented.

Loved catching up with your news.

Big hugs


Anonymous said...

Glad the stage fright has been conquered. Though even veteran actors say they still regularly get stage fright, performing live in front of a critical audience is pretty scary.

My school never dared give me a serious part in the school play, I was always too prone either to improvising a completely different script or forgetting the real one because of my erratic memory.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Love the snow idea combined with an oasis. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...look forward to hearing all about it! Hx