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Thursday, April 05, 2012


This week we stayed a night at mums. It is a long time since we have all slept overnight there and I have to say there was definitely a wealth of blogging material during the 24 hours that we were in situ! Here's a sample;

Whilst sitting in the kitchen in the late afternoon I could hear my stepfather at the front door talking to a charity collector or chugger (charity mugger)
"Did you run the sports relief mile?" he was asking my 81 year old SFather
"No" he retorted "but I moved the Top Hat from Mayfair to Old Kent Road"!
I laughed out loud in the kitchen and soon the 'Chugger' was off to another front door. I wish I could think up lines that quickly. He may be 81 but his humour is still sharp as a knife.

Meanwhile my mother was telling me about how she put dinner in the airing cupboard. "You are supposed to cook it in the oven mum" I say disparagingly.
"It was only to defrost it" she explained. Though I am sure this isn't a recognised method of safely defrosting a meal.

However, having put the dinner in the airing cupboard in the morning she went on to tell me that she had forgotten all about it and cooked something totally different for dinner that night, only to find the tepid intended meal in the airing cupboard the next day. It's a whole new concept of the idea of the 'slow cooker' don't you think?
"It was a senior moment" she explained "I often have several a day!"
And she's not the only one I thought to myself!


Steve said...

That's plainly a child safe AGA...

Maggie May said...

Oh dear...... these senior moments that we all seem to be having!
I have, several times cooked something & then remembered that I'd got something else put by to eat. However, I haven't put any food in the airing cupboard yet, deliberately or not!
Maybe that will be the next thing.
Hope the weather improves and that you can enjoy the rest of your holiday.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I love your mum and dad, and I really hope I can entertain my children as much when I get older :)

Rob-bear said...

Airing cupboard? What on earth is that? Never heard of such a thing. Don't think they exist in this colony.

Is it, as Steve said, a "child safe AGA"? At least I know what an AGA is —because I had to ask. (We in the colonies are so ignorant of the "real world," back home in Britain.)

Glad you had time at home. Sounds like you did.

Suburbia said...

Bear, an airing cupboard is a small cupboard where you put clothes and bedding that have been recently ironed and laundered to make them completely dry. The airing cupboard usually houses the hot water tank or ( in new houses) just a radiator. Does that make sense? It's not the case that everyone has a tumble dryer here.

nick said...

I thought your stepfather was going to say that the SR mile was a bit unambitious and he usually went in for marathons.

The airing cupboard is called the hot press in Ireland. Apparently press is an old word for a clothes or linen cupboard.

Barbara said...

So funny, that's is a novel way to defrost food!