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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The University of Bristol Botanic Garden

On Sunday 1st  April we went to the Botanic Gardens. We must have been the only family there. Small Sprog observed we were definitely the youngest (and that even included me!). However both he and Tall Girl love visiting. Tall Girl is taking photography GCSE and we both like to take photos there. Small Sprog loves the cactus and the tropical house which has a pond, massive lilly pads and friendly fish, this is enough to keep him interested for quite a while.

  It's just a short drive from home and it was the first day of the summer opening times. A lot of plants are still to emerge but there was a wonderful carpet of spring flowers there so I thought I would share some of my favourites.

Wild anemones

I thought these were Pasque Flowers but I'm not sure

Wonderful Primroses.

There were some exotic flowers in the greenhouses, I shall save them for another time.

(For more flowers have a look at Emeli-J's post which is here.)

Photographing them means I can look at them again and again long after they have faded, which is kind of magical when you think about it!

What's your favourite spring flower?

PS. Have an Easter Nest? Made by TG and SS!


Rob-bear said...

Well, you had fun. This is good.

We have a smaller version of that garden attached to our art gallery. A spot to go on a rainy day, to take some pictures, and to sit and look. I like the notion of being able to enjoy flowers over and over again when you have pictures of them.

Glad it was a good outing for you.

Liz Hinds said...

Oh yes, please, an Easter nest for me.

I love proper primroses too.

Have a great Easter holiday.

Steve said...

What a cheering post! Spring is here at last!

Furtheron said...

Coming from Kent my favourite spring flower has to be the bluebell - although we have less and less of the woods around to see them in there are still little pockets of that about

Maggie May said...

I keep meaning to go there but so far haven't got round to it.
Wish I'd done a photography course.

Those look delicious Easter biscuits!!!! Yum.

Hard to pick just one Spring flower as I love them all. However, hyacinths , snowdrops, pulmonaria, brightly coloured polyanthus have got to come way up on the list. Not forgetting the blossoms on many tree right now......
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

Thanks for the Easter nest. I've just made Simnel Muffins!

Botanical gardens sound lovely. My favourite are definitely tulips. So perfectly designed. I've got some minature ones coming up in my front garden which I'd forgotten I'd planted last year. Lovely suprise.

BS5 Blogger said...

Lovely post and great to see a link to another fab' blog x

cheshire wife said...

Spring flowers are amazing when you think that they emerge from the very cold earth, then come out into flower when it is not much warmer and they look so fresh and vibrant!

nick said...

Oh, I have lots of favourites - camellias, narcissi and crocuses for a start. I love the Easter nests. What's the brown bit made from?

Suburbia said...

Cadburys Flake Nick :-0

Rose said...

How nice that Small Sprog and Tall Girl enjoy going with you to the Botanic Gardens. My children go to places like this with me only to humor me:) Thankfully, the grandkids are a little more interested in gardens.

Congratulations on your blogaversary! It doesn't seem possible we've been at this for four years, does it? I still remember your first comment on my April Fools' post about the stone rabbits and then enjoying all your posts about life in suburbia. It's been a delight to get to know you through our blogs--here's to another 4 years and more!

Louise said...

Yes to one of those yummy chocolate Easter nests please! Loving the photos on your blog. I wish there had been such a thing as a photography exam when I was at school! I'm struggling to identify that flower? Happy Easter to you all! x