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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Router. Part 2

Thanks for all your admiration but I failed. The router got the better of me. The earth definitely moved...but that was just when the damn thing hit the pavement outside! Favours were not forthcoming!

Installation was nearly successful. All the wires went in the right places and it all looked as though it would be fine. Then I got to the bit where I had to add the ISP numbers and sub mask thingies. I put all the numbers in, it all looked perfect, I pressed 'next'....then the damn thing ate my Internet Connection. It just disappeared, I was disconnected. Just as I had feared! Cut off from the world in one simple step!

However all was not lost. I have this magic button called 'system restore'. It is truly magic. I unhooked the router, chucked it out of the window (!) and pressed system restore button. Bless it. Everything came back, just like magic.

Then I started thinking, what if you could have a little button like that in other areas of your life? You could get rid of all the messy bits that you didn't mean to happen. All those little mistakes you have made could suddenly be undone. All those embarrassing moments, just brushed away in just one press of a button. Whole bits of your life even, wrinkles, the odd grey hair, system restore would be all you need to return you back to your former glory.

So if you had a system restore, what would you change?


Liz Hinds said...

How long have you got? There are things that I cringe about even many many years later. But could we restore the good things too? That would be nice.

Husband has spent, on different occasions, several weekends trying to set up wireless systems/routers/networks. The things that sound so easy when you read the packaging ... and he is an IT man.

BS5 Blogger said...

Aha, but then it would also re-set all the fine, lovely, consequential and un-noticed things that make one the sum of one's experience! Those things that are a worry to one are equally balanced by the many lovely triumphs one might have forgotten. They also add to the whole, n'est pas? I wouldn't have a reset button; to paraphrase top-chap Winston Churchill , 'I should have made nothing if I had not made mistakes'.

Did you really lob the bugger out of the window? Coooooooooooooool! Suburban Mother gets riled. Like it!

'Favours not forthcoming' really made me laugh! Have a great evening and a fine Wednesday!


Grit said...

popping by from mean mom... a button like that would be great. can you build one with a control z in case i get second thoughts and need to override the button?

Susan said...

For about a minute I truly thought of several times where system restore would have made life bliss....and then I read BS5's comments about Winston Churchill. I have to agree my mistakes in my life have ususally been some of my best lessons learned. Not my finest hour/weeks/etc times in life but if I could take back and change things I might not be me today~for many might think that would be an improvement but I have learned many things the hard way.Sorry to hear about the routers passing~but at least it passed quickly however it might not have been quietly!

Suburbia said...

Yes Liz you can restore the good things too!

BS5 wow serious stuff...The thinking side of BS5 (good slogan, don't you think?!)I think you should do your own post and stop stealimg mine. People are agreeing with you!
Have a great day.
No I didn't chuck the thing really, just thought about it. Nice man coming to 'sort me out' tomorrow!

Hi Grit, I've been meaning to visit you too! Yes you can have a z control, it sounds like the perfect modification. Thanks for visiting and please call again.

Hi Susan, I know you're right...Typical of BS5 to 'steal my thunder' though!

Sandpiper (Lin) said...

Computers can be a pain sometimes! Glad you're back up and running again.

I would bad decisions that I've made here and there.

Mean Mom said...

Oh dear, everyone else has been remarkably restrained, haven't they?

A system restore button? Right, I'd like to restore my tummy to the way it was, before I had 3 children. Could I use the button for someone else? I would like to restore my father's heart and my mother's joints back to full working order.

Get rid of mistakes in my life? I don't think I've made any! Except for that enormous one, which I couldn't share with anyone, anyway. Yes, definitely that one. Let me get to that button!

Rose said...

Sorry the router didn't work; I think everybody needs a good friend or relative who is a computer whiz to help with these things. (I don't have one either.)

A system restore button for life? That would be wonderful! The only trouble is I would be pushing it several times a day. My life would probably turn into a version of "Groundhog Day."

Maggie May said...

Hitting a button like that would be no good if only YOU forgot it & no one else did! But if you could make ALL mistakes disappear as though they never happened in the first place, then that would be super, though I really wouldn't have very much remaining! Might be boring!

Suburbia said...

Thanks Mean Mom. That's the spirit, restraint not at all necesary!!

Rose me too.

Maggie surely not boring, but I know what you mean.

XXYXX said...

My PC cruelly snubbed two attempts to get wireless, despite long chats to Indian IT help desks (and having some IT knack myself). There's never shame being licked when you get down to sub mask whatnots!

Yay! For system restore. If only...

BS5 Blogger said...

That was a canter! Suburbia, no wish to steer your posts or the frequent comments you attract from them! What an interesting range of thoughts in this little lot.

The thinking side of BS5 is back in the box until it is next tempted out, but it enjoyed a little run :)

Off to sit on my front wall with a cold beer - a fine, sunny BS5 pastime.

Laura Jane Williams said...

Your theory is a bit like 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'. If you have not seen it then I INSIST!