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Sunday, April 27, 2008


It was a beautiful sunny day in BS9 today, well for a while anyway. The forecast had promised rain, so waking to a bright morning felt good and tea in the garden while the sun was still shining seemed such a bonus. The birds were singing and the bees were busy and all seemed right with the world, well almost...

Soon it was time to supervise Tall girls homework (which is blatantly just teaching her how to pass her coming SAT's exams, rather than anything useful.......rant, rant). Then read a book with Small Sprog (who avoided his homework only because I still felt a little 'queasy' from yesterday!). I polished the window sill in the kitchen (while supervising homework and trying to ignore the waves of nausea) The window sill is tiled, I've cleaned it before (obviously) but polish was a bit of a mistake. When I put the plants back on the sill they all started to slip slowly forwards, dangerously teetering on the edge! That gave me something else to think about, I'm not that good at juggling! Then there was the job of cajoling Small Sprog into the shower. I left him in there with instructions to use soap, while I took the washing down stairs and out to the garage. No sooner had I put the washing in the machine than he appeared, draped in his towel, just shouting gleefully at full voice in the garden 'Mummy, mummy!'
'Why are you out here without your clothes?' I asked. He just chuckled and ran off!! At least he had his towel, I thought.

Next it was Tall Girls turn. We had the dubious and long winded job of de-lousing her head. My God she's 11. She went right through playschool, reception and infants and has made it all the way through to her final year in Juniors before she caught them. The little ones are usually the ones who get nits. She used to keep away (very sensibly) from all the people she though might have them. And now, here we are fighting what seems like a loosing battle to free her from the little buggers! (are you itching your head? are aren't you, just go and check, I'll wait......catch any? No? I'll go on then) Tall Girl has long hair. It is half way down her back, even longer than mine now, and she has lots of it. It takes what feels like hours to comb it all through. I feel a bit like a mummy monkey and doubtless look like one too, picking over her scalp, noting 'Oh look there's a big one!' While she says 'Can I have a look' and I retort that if we examine all of them we'll be here all day. I mean what does she want to do, name them all before drowning them?! Hopefully we've got most of them or at least maimed them so they can't reproduce. She's on camp (HEIL!!) next weekend, so we'll have to try to exterminate them all before she goes!
We did manage lunch in the garden before the rain came and I did start to feel a little more human. I think it was the two glasses of my mothers home made liqueur on top of all the rest that 'did me in' yesterday!
Anyway I was having a chat over at BS5 last night and he asked if I had any faults! He had already admitted his. I thought I was in no position to answer this honestly unless I did some research! So today, while we were sitting in the garden, I asked Husband what he thought they were.

BS5 restricted himself to 3 so here are my 3 (possibly among many!) faults.

1. I like being right! Well doesn't everyone? (In my defense I think I am misunderstood because what I like most is a good debate. However this doesn't mean that I will change my mind. I do like to think I can see other peoples point of view though, even if I don't adopt it.)

2. I clean the kitchen too much, verging on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder!!(No one else cleans it so what is a woman to do?!)

3. I have absolutely NO competitive spirit!! (which apparently is annoying!!)

So what are your 3?
The picture is of a flee, drawn by Small Sprog for a project he did last year. Quite realistic don't you think (and fairly appropriate at the moment)?!


Grit said...

good grief, i am in phobia about head lice; all 3 here have very long hair and it usually involves a lot of screaming even at the sight of the comb. good luck in your efforts to eradicate the horrors and comfort to Tall Girl. It can't be much fun.

Dori said...

I remember in primary school having lice--it was horrible, and my sister and I both had long hair! They kept spreading around school due to classmates who refused to kill them on religious purposes! Not coming down on anyone else's beliefs but, honestly, it's a louse--do you really think if great-auntie came back as a nit she would really want to continue living anyway?!

Ally Jay said...

Oh the hours I have spent combing hair. The shrieks of agony, the hiding places the kids have found to avoid the tortures of delousing. Now it's conditioner through the hair and a weekly once over. It's life I guess

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello! Why thank you for the mention! I enjoyed this post - your Sundays are so much more complex than mine (ditto your home life, actually). I did not imagine that you had long hair.

Personally I think someone who is replete and satisfied enough to garner no competitive spirit at all is in rather a good place!

Small Sprog's flea was very good!

Your Blog is loading oddly today and for me it doesn't all pop up straightaway so I am commenting via a circuitous route.

Maggie May said...

I expect you already know about lots of combing after putting on hair conditioner. With a nit comb! Twice a week! The little buggers get broken legs and things! They can't get a grip on the conditioner coated hair!
I'm just having a little scratch!
Love tall girl's drawing. She also drew your profile picture,didn't she?

Here in Wessex, we had rain yesterday! No sitting out in gardens.It is murky today!
Wish I had your kitchen cleaning bug! Wish I had ANY cleaning bug!

Suburbia said...

Dear Maggie,I have invested in a good metal nit comb and loads of conditioner, it takes sooooo long to do it properly! You can have my cleaning bug if you like, I also have nits to spare!

Suburbia said...

BS5 can you explain 'via a circuitous route'. How do you do that?!

Hi Grit, Alison and Dori, yes we have had all of that.... screaming, hiding, avoidance tactics, and that's just me!

As Cape Cod Turns said...

I thought I had heard that you could wash your hair with mayonaise if you had lice. Ugh, my head is itching just thinking about it and I am an ocean away.

The woods sounded like fun in your post Saturday!

Oh yeah and faults, hmmm, do I have any?LOL I think you were brave to ask your hubby. I think my hubby's list would have been a bit longer!

Rose said...

Suburbia, My boys got head lice once when they were 9 and 11. Yuck! Fortunately, the little buggers didn't jump to my head, but for years afterward, every time I felt an itch on my head, I panicked! I don't envy you.
Loved your post yesterday. Hangover headache or not, sounded like a wonderful time. I abstained at my party Friday night, so I'm feeling pretty good.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Suburbia,

I don't know anything about nits so I am sorry I can not contribute to this fascinating canter but plenty of people here know tons! Maggie May - I laughed out loud at your line!

Sub', the whole page is loading perfectly now.

Have you had a nice day in BS9?

scargosun said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am very glad to find yours! Couple small things we have in commone, my sister lives on your side of the pond in Richmond and my husband wishes he were British. :)
So sorry to hear about your buggy trouble. Somehow I avoided it in school. Someone mentioned mayo could help but I think it's the oil in it that does the trick.

I will be back often!

BS5 Blogger said...


What are labels about on posts and how does that all work?



Liz Hinds said...

That's a very good flea! Has he read the Michael Rosen (I think) story, The Bakerloo Flea?

Younger Son has nits too. Last week he went to the hairdresser for the first time in 7 years and she told him. The new stuff doens't smell quite as vile as the old stuff though.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Years ago all 4 kids had lice--4 weeks in a row. I was not nearly as calm as you are!

Suburbia said...

Jenn I may appear calm but you don't know what's lurking beneath!

For anyone I've missed thanks for the advice and just knowing what it's like!!!( Your time may come BS5!)

It's funny how having nits is so common on line but in a room full of people it's a real conversation stopper!

Mean Mom said...

Nits have a fascinating life cycle, you know. Yes, forget the chemical treatments, The only way is conditioner, patience and a lice comb. It's quite therapeutic, really.

I would never ask my husband to list my faults. He would get them all wrong. He's clueless :0)